Are you interested in donating? We gratefully accept monetary donations to put toward book purchases for the library as well as the Storybook Project. Please make cheques out to the Greater Edmonton Library Association (GELA) and add “GELA Prison Library & Reintegrate Project” to the memo field.

If you would like to purchase new books for our library, you can visit our wish list on Amazon.ca and have your gift sent directly to us. If you prefer to buy from local bookstores, you may use our wishlists as a guide. Contact gelaprisonproject@gmail.com for more information.

Guidelines for used book donations:

Although we appreciate the generosity that motivates all book donations, we can only accept material that is in good condition and is either (a) fulfilling a specific request or (b) recently published. The EIFW library space is small and we have to be careful about how we fill it!

We can’t use books in poor condition, old magazines, or outdated textbooks. If you are looking for a place to donate this type of material, check out Edmonton Public Library’s book donations page. For information on recycling books, see the City of Edmonton’s recycling directory.

Requests come to the committee via committee members visiting the prison, the inmate librarian, and users of the library.

Requests by topic:

  • Aboriginal fiction and poetry
  • Artist profiles/biographies
  • Beading: embroidery, jewelry, Aboriginal arts, traditional
  • Books on CD (bestsellers)
  • Book of quotations
  • Crafts
  • Drawing/painting (How To)
  • Native cookbooks
  • Cookbooks for simple home cooking (ex. Hutterite recipes)
  • Self-care: nutrition, fitness, yoga, addiction recovery
  • Traditional Aboriginal medicine
  • Current High School- Chemistry, Physics, Biology text books
  • GED preparation
  • Rock ‘n roll biographies
  • Astrology
  • Dream dictionary
  • Palm reading
  • Language–especially Cree
  • Writing handbooks
  • Grant and bursary writing guides
  • Legal education in plain language (i.e. family law)
  • Maternity care

Requests by author:

  • James Patterson
  • Jodi Picoult
  • Bertrice Small
  • Lindsey Johansen

Requests by genre:

  • Young adult fiction
  • True crime (recently published)
  • Fantasy (werewolves, vampires, etc)
  • Historical romance
  • “Shades of Grey”
  • Political fiction
  • Books made into movies
  • Autobiography

Requests by title:


  • magazines (People, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, Hello, etc)
  • Movie soundtracks
  • Aboriginal music
  • Publisher catalogues



2 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Masha says:

    J., thank you for creating this wishlist page. It’ll be a big help with the borrowing pilot project.


  2. […] note, while the project is grateful for donations, the library is very small. Please let the Wish List guide  any […]

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