Updated Donations Wishlist

I updated the donations wishlist today. Please take a look at it if you’re collecting.

The updated list contains titles that are presently circulating at EIFW through the EPL borrowing project; however, Cathee flagged these items as high demand and added them to the donations list. A number of title requests from the previous wishlist were filled through the EPL borrowing project and are no longer in demand (and therefore no longer on the list).

The list also contains Books on CD, which up until recently, were not accepted in EIFW donations. Apparently, the EIFW administration have decided to allow this material to circulate. The rules of relaxed now that Cathee has been given permission to start a CD borrowing project using reclaimed inmate CDs.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the latest list.



Wishlist now posted

The permanent wishlist page has been created. It is accessible from the menu on the right. We will try to keep it updated with the most recent requests from the EIFW library. If you know of something that there has been a request for, please add it, and if you know a request has been filled, please delete it. (If you have editing access to the blog, go to your wordpress dashboard, then find “wishlist” under “Pages.” Let me know if you need help.)

4 new Stephenie Meyer books are making their way to the library tomorrow! And I bought two of them so… that goes on my permanent record 🙂

APIRG funding to support the library

Sara and I have successfully applied to APIRG on behalf of ABC Edmonton for a Books Behind Bars project in support of the library. We have received a grant of $670 to be used to buy books for the library and promote the project.

Now to buy some books! We will, of course, be looking to the wishlist, as well as a lists of recommendations from ABC contacts. Kirsten and I have discussed the possibility of buying some reference books.  There’s a bookclub meeting this weekend, so I’ll be able to talk to Cathee about what she thinks would be most useful.

APIRG is also interested in setting up a ‘satellite’ library at the prison. The idea is that they would lend books from their collection to the prison library for an extended period of time and those books would circulate in the prison. This is in discussion stages right now, but I will keep you updated!

GELA Women’s Prison Library and Reintegration Committee: Inmate’s February Wish List

This is the February request list from inmates for book donations for the EIFW library. If you have any of the books on the list (or any questions or comments)  email  kwurmann@ualberta.ca or tanyadriechel@legalresourcecentre.ca to coordinate a drop off.

Anne of Green Gables (series)– Lucy Maud Montgomery
Children of the Lamp(series) – P.B. Kerr.
Just Another Indian – Warren Goulding
Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor Frankl
A Painted House – John Grisham
Pyrates (series) – Chris Archer
Shattered Silence – Melissa G. Moore
Twilight Series (especially Breaking Dawn)  – Stephanie Meyer
Type Talk – Janet M. Thuesen and Otto Kroeger
Under the Dome – Stephen King

Anything about (topic)
Aboriginal poetry
Atlas (large world atlas)
Book of quotations
Books on CD (fiction/nonfiction)
Calming/Inspirational books (with serene pictures
Craft Books – Knitting, quilting, crochet
Crossword puzzle books
Hobby/ Craft Magazines
Language Instruction (Any languages, esp. Italian and Arabic)
Poetry anthologies
Traditional Aboriginal Medicine
Vietnamese fiction and nonfiction

Ellen Hawkin
S.E Hinton
Alexander Pushkin

Current High School- Chemistry, Physics, Biology text books

Cathee’s Wish List

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath

Bright Shiny Morning -James Frey

Children of the Lamp(series) – P.B. Kerr.

Cloud of Bone by Bernice Morgan

The Count of Monte Cristo= Alexandre Dumas

Man’s Search for Meaning- Viktor Frankl

Mummy – Anne Rice

Push – Sapphire

Pyrates (series) – Chris Archer

Shattered Silence – Melissa G. Moore

Under the Banner of Heaven, Jon Krakauer

Where the Red Fern Grows- Wilson Rawls

Anything by (authors)

Tess Gerritsen (The Mephisto Club has been donated)

Stephanie Meyer (Twilight Series)

Anything about (topic)


Learning Braille

Traditional Aboriginal Medicine

Hobby/ Craft Magazines
Science Magazines



Cookbooks (cooking on a budget, using simple ingredients, cooking in prison)

National Geographic, June 1985 (Tara found one!) and April 2002 (Sharbat Gula editions)

Current High School Chemistry , Physics, Biology Textbooks

Dan Brown’s latest book

Recently requested at the EIFW library

Inmate Librarian Cathy passed on the following requests:

  • books on public speaking
  • craft books, especially focusing on crochet
  • ‘Push’ by Sapphire (or any books related to the recently released movie ‘Precious’ – there is a movie tie-in edition)
  • ‘Valkyrie’ – this request was unclear, but may be in relation to books about the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler
  • anything by the author Rupert Ross
  • Italian language learning materials
  • additional copies of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight books, especially book 3: Eclipse


Cathy’s Wish List

Book Requests

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl
One Child – Torey Hayden
Tiger’s Child- Torey Hayden
A Child Called “It” – Dave Pelzer
Nineteen Minutes – Jodi Picoult

Anything by:
Edgar Allan Poe
Khalil Gibran
Alex Haley
S.E Hinton
Ann Rice

Books About:
The zodiac
Biographies (more recent bands, actors)
Novels in Vietnamese
Current High school textbooks – Chemistry, Biology, Physics