Minutes from the Sept. 30th meeting

Here are the¬†minutes from our last meeting, as well as a list of our various sub-committees and their members. Sorry about the tardiness of this post – it looks like many of the action items listed in the minutes have been followed up on, so that’s great. In addition to the updates from the other sub-committees,¬†Kirsten has set up some tentative dates for the next two sessions of the Storybook Project, so expect to hear more from us soon (we’ll likely need to start exploring fundraising opportunities, as this round was supported by a generous donation from Dr. Toni Samek). Lastly, if there are any changes or additions to the sub-committee list posted above, please leave a comment and it will be updated. For those of you interested in fundraising, should we try to set up a meeting in November, or would early December (i.e. end of the Fall semester!) be okay too?