Star Blanket Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Fran Smith, the winner of the lovely Star Blanket! And a BIG thank you to all those who bought tickets. We raised enough money to sustain the Storybook Project for the next year. Your support is truly appreciated by the women and all of the volunteers.

Another Star Blanket Raffle announcement will be coming soon!


audiobook recording project

As discussed at the last meeting, here are my findings on inmate readings/recordings.

A few examples of other projects:

UW-Madison Jail Library Group (this section is about their audio-recording program, Kids Connection, but the entire site is well organized and informative):

also, Kids Connection uses cassette tapes!

Another American example, from Indiana, Although not linked directly to the LIS community, it involves educators:

Also, a couple of interesting articles (I have .pdfs of these for sharing):

– Todaro, J. Reaching Beyond Bars: Women’s Storybook Project of Texas. Texas Library Journal v. 83 no. 3 (Fall 2007) p. 128-9.

Although 5 years old, this is the only Canadian prison library survey I could find:

-Curry, A., et. al., Canadian federal prison libraries: a national survey. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (Folkestone, England) v. 35 no. 3 (September 2003) p. 141-52.

Art Show / Prison Partnership?

Hey all — Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture has a show in January by Toronto artist Peter Kingstone, 100 Stories About My Grandmother. (I think Moyra’s partner is doing a piece of writing as exhibition context too…) I was chatting to the gallery exec director, and asked if we could do something with the prison…he suggested a possible screening? And we could lead a discussion afterwards.

Take a look at the project, and see if you think this would be interesting for the women and maybe we could set this up. It could be like a ‘book club’ event but with video art.