About the Project

The Women’s Prison Subcommittee of the Greater Edmonton Library Association (GELA) is a group of volunteers from the library community.

Our work in local prisons has included collection-building; inmate book clubs (dedicated to adult literature and young adult fiction); a storybook project (where inmates record themselves reading aloud, and their recording is sent to children in their families); a book borrowing project that allows inmates to access materials from Edmonton Public Library; and a writers’ group.

The Prison Sub-Committee  also performs much of its work in co-operation with Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom, a student group at the University of Alberta’s School of Library and Information Studies.

The Prison Sub-Committee meets several times a year. We welcome new members and support for our endeavours. We also gratefully accept cash donations and books to support our projects. For more information, or to get involved, please contact us at gelaprisonproject AT gmail DOT COM.


One thought on “About the Project

  1. […] Check out Books for prisoners campaigns, like Book Clubs for Inmates, or the Greater Edmonton Library Association Prison Library & Reintegration Project. […]

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