Volunteers Needed Storybook Project

About the project…for a few hours on the last Saturday of each month (usually) two volunteers go to the Edmonton Institution For Women to record women reading a storybook to a child. The storybook and audio recording is then mailed to the child.

Volunteers are reimbursed for the cost of CDs, envelopes and postage associated with the project.

You will need your own laptop to record the reading.

The prison is not easily accessible by public transportation. If you don’t have your own transportation to the prison you may be able to carpool with the other volunteer. Carpooling cannot however be guaranteed.

Security clearance and volunteer training is required before you can volunteer at the prison. While the process is not onerous the scheduling of the training can take awhile to coordinate. We are recruiting for volunteers this summer to begin working on the Storybook project in late September, early October.

We are looking for people who can commit to the project for at least one year; and  volunteer at the prison at least 2-4  Saturdays a year.

If you are interested in this project contact the project coordinator, Valla at jvmclean@gmail.com