EPL Community Librarian Postcard

According to our book club organizers, some  members have asked how to access library services post-release (e.g. book clubs, membership, etc.). I provided Tanya with individual EPL librarian business cards a few months ago in hopes that it would help women connect with EPL following release. 

In order to avoid handling 18 individual cards, EPL recently created a handy community librarian postcard that’s now available for distribution. The postcard includes phones number and e-mails for community librarians at all EPL branch locations. I mailed Tanya a small supply (approx. 20) of these postcards earlier this week. The EIFW supply will be topped up in the next month when I receive my order from EPL Design and Productions department. Please contact Tanya if you’d like to use them in any EIFW activities that are scheduled in the next month.

I let the community librarian group know that the postcards are available at EFIW and that they may be contacted by the women. I’ll keep you posted if we hear of these types of connections being made. I’m also interested to know how they go over with bookclub members and what response they get in the  Fireweed Library. Please let me know if you hear anything or have any questions.

Attached is a PDF sample of what the postcards looks like: Sample_EPL_Community_Librarian_Postcard


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