Prison Yoga Project

I stumbled across this website some time ago and wanted to share it with the rest of you: I found it about the same time I started taking classes with a yoga instructor by the name of Judy Murphy. She’s had some involvement with prison yoga and has been very active in the field of adult education. She’s currently doing karma yoga (community yoga at no charge) in Northeast Edmonton. I’ve also been aware of workshops she’s facilitated through her organization, Windsound Learning, where she marries body work, adult learning and creative expression with adult learners. I’m going to connect with her this week to talk more about the work going on at EIFW.

3 thoughts on “Prison Yoga Project

  1. Moyra Lang says:

    Thanks for this Masha! I have forwarded this information to my friend (Fran WIldman) who does yoga at EIFW every Thursday!

  2. Liz Fulton Lyne says:

    Thanks for posting Masha! Was thinking about this after the meeting and planned to look it up. Very interesting.

  3. masharibich says:

    FYI — I met with Judy recently and gave her some info on the committee’s work. She’s interested in making a connection. I passed on Windsound Learning info to the book club organizers, and they’re looking into it.

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