(Specific) Requests for Book Donations

Moyra and I had a book club meeting yesterday and we had some requests from the women. I’m posting it here, but feel free to pass it along. Call me at work if you have any of these, and we can arrange something. Also, these are requests for permanent donations to the library, so you won’t be getting the book back.



Black Like Me – John Howard Griffin
To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
The Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger
Gone with the Wind – Margaret Mitchell
Roots – Alex Haley

The Associate – John Grisham

Daniel X Watch the Skies – James Patterson
Swimsuit – James Patterson
The 8th Confession – James Patterson
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning – James Patterson
Run For Your Life – James Patterson
Cross Country – James Patterson

Tales of the City- Armistead Maupin
More Tales of the City – Armistead Maupin
Babycakes – Armistead Maupin
Significant Others – Armistead Maupin

Anything by Lisa Scottoline
The Twilight Series
Any Book on CD


4 thoughts on “(Specific) Requests for Book Donations

  1. Moyra Lang says:

    I picked up three books on CD at Costco and they are authors that have been requested! Any other books on CD would be greatly appreciated!

    I have a friend who has the complete set of Amristead Maupin’s writings and is willing to donate them. They live out-of-town so I’m hoping to get them before next book club meeting.

    Every time I have been to the book club the women have asked for the Twilight series books so if anyone has any of these books and is willing to donate them please let us know. I can come pick them up.

    Next book club is September 12th and we’d like to have some of these books by then to take with us.

  2. tanya says:

    I have a lead on the twilight series….will update as soon as I know. otherwise, I just may buy the set & donate them.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    i have some books… can i deliver them to one of you ladies so they actually make it to the prison? when’s the next meeting?

    i am NEVER there and it is so hard for me to deliver things with no car. i think i have 2 boxes, one of novels (including a bunch of things from the various wishlists) and 1 of newer textbooks to replace the old stuff we weeded.

  4. Tara Ellen says:

    Jocelyn – can probably pick them up and take them to Tanya’s with the next book club drop-off.

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