Meeting Notes, April 14th, 2009

Notes—Meeting with Cathee, Tuesday, April 14, 2009.

Library needs:

  • Magazine covers—Liz FL will bring these (she discovered a stack of basic matte plastic covers recently)
  • Labels and label protectors
  • Dewey cataloguing key. Cathee needs assistance cataloguing the non-fiction. (Didn’t we have something like this?)
  • Specific collection requests:

  • The Kite Runner
  • Book of Negroes
  • Ken Follett, Pillars of the Earth and World Without End
  • Wicked, Twilight
  • As well as:

  • Graphic novels
  • First Nations material
  • “Cultural” books (books about other cultures)
  • Healing, addictions, psychology non-fiction
  • Knitting and crochet books (there is one crochet book that is missing and everyone’s been waiting for it to reappear)
  • Any book with the Oprah label (they are very popular)
  • Additional Notes:

  • Cathee would like to move all the law books from the non-fiction section to somewhere else so that all the other non-fiction is together. I know this is something we’re working on.
  • Cathee wants to register borrowers and search by borrower’s name. I’m not familiar with the system yet. Can this be done?
  • Cathee asked about weeding. I said if they are really damaged (i.e. pages torn, covers ruined), delete them. For all the others set aside for now and we can talk about this. I told her this would be covered in the policy that the committee is working on.
  • Cathee is very keen and very nice. I think she’ll be great to work with.
  • Next steps:

  • I’m going to get Cathee a list of Oprah books so she can check off what the library already has (and hopefully we can supply what is missing.
  • Reissue notices about Storybook program and Book Club because of the long gap between Megan leaving and Cathee coming on board. This was Cathee’s suggestion.
  • Written policy. Cathee was very glad to hear we’re working on this. Missing books are a problem, and she’d like circulation and collection guidelines to work with.
  • 3 thoughts on “Meeting Notes, April 14th, 2009

    1. Jocelyn says:

      thanks for posting this. i’ve sent it along to the selectors in my department–hopefully we can grab at least some of these from among our donations.

    2. Jocelyn says:

      Ha! The Kite Runner, The Pillar of the Earth, and several craft books have already materialized.

    3. kwurmann says:

      Yay Jocelyn!

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