FLIF: community service recognition – CONGRATULATIONS!!

Richard and Masha just passed along this exciting news that FLIF has been nominated  for the
UofA Senate’s Beyond these Halls community service recognition program. Congratulations to FLIF members past and present!!!

Here is their message to me to be passed along to all of you:

FLIF is pleased to inform you that our student group has been
nominated for the University of Alberta Senate’s Beyond These Halls
community service recognition program

This Senate distinction recognizes the community service efforts of
all groups and individuals that are nominated, but they also select
certain individuals/groups to acknowledge at a celebration event. We
have recently been informed that the Senate has selected FLIF as one
of the groups to be specifically recognized at this ceremony.

Masha and I plan to attend as FLIF representatives, but the organizers
have told us that any and all group members, supporters, and guests
may join the festivities. Any FLIF committee members and anyone from
the School or community wanting to attend are welcome.

The celebration event is:
Wednesday, March 25th
Timms Centre for the Arts
The Senate office has requested RSVPs to senate.office@ualberta.ca.

Masha and I want everyone to know that it is the commitment of our
members and FLIF supporters that make us a strong student group, one
able to give back to our community. It is nice to have the efforts of
*past and present* FLIF committee members and efforts recognized in
this fashion, and our thanks go out to everyone for their
encouragement. Finally, we feel that the partnerships we’ve forged
with the CLA Student Chapter and the members of GELA’s advocacy and
outreach subcommittees have created unique opportunities for FLIF.  We
hope that these groups and their members will share this distinction
with us, as their excellent contributions make us the group we are

Thank you, and maybe we’ll see you on Wednesday,
Masha and Richard
FLIF Co-chairs, 2008/09

One thought on “FLIF: community service recognition – CONGRATULATIONS!!

  1. lfultonlyne says:

    Congratulations to FLIF! I’m so proud of you and grateful for your involvement with the prison subcommittee. We’ll have to celebrate!

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