If you are attending the training session on February 3rd…

I recieved the following email from Leanne Key (a Social Program Officer at the prison).  If you are attending the training session, please make sure to email her by this Friday.

– tanya ________________________________________________________________

I will be running Anatomy of a Set-up Training on Tuesday, February 3rd 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Edmonton Institution for Women, can you please confirm if you’re able to attend by Friday, January 30th.

Thank you,

Leanne Key

Social Program Officer

Edmonton Institution For Women




Setting a date for our next committee meeting…

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to throw some dates out there for our next committee meeting – please let everyone know what works best:

  • Wednesday, Feburary 11  – 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, February 17  – 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday, February 18 – 5:30 pm
  • Thursday, February 26  – 5:30 pm

Location? Back on the north side of the river? Tanya and I are happy to host a meeting at the Legal Resource Centre (10350 -124 Street.)


Anatomy of a Setup Training

Hi everyone,


I heard back from Karra and they’ve set a date for the Anatomy of a Setup Training for February 3rd at 5:00.  The people that are on the list are:


Jocelyn B.

Laura C.

Tanya D.

Brianna E.

Tara F.

Diana K.

Amelia M.

Tabitha P.

Masha R.

Julie R.

Madelaine V.


Please confirm with me as soon as you can if you are able to attend. If you are not on this list and still need the training, email me as soon as possible and I will send you the documents you need to complete.

Wally Lamb and prison

I was just listening to an interview on CBC with Wally Lamb – and I didn’t realize the work he’s been doing (for the past 9 years) with women at the York Correctional Institute in Connecticut.  The women from his prison writing workshop wrote a couple of books (which the institute tried to prevent from being published) and one of the women was awarded a PEN literary award.

Some of you may already be aware of this (the story is from 2004) but here’s a link for those who are interested to read/watch more:http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/05/07/60minutes/main616203.shtml