Art Show / Prison Partnership?

Hey all — Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture has a show in January by Toronto artist Peter Kingstone, 100 Stories About My Grandmother. (I think Moyra’s partner is doing a piece of writing as exhibition context too…) I was chatting to the gallery exec director, and asked if we could do something with the prison…he suggested a possible screening? And we could lead a discussion afterwards.

Take a look at the project, and see if you think this would be interesting for the women and maybe we could set this up. It could be like a ‘book club’ event but with video art.

4 thoughts on “Art Show / Prison Partnership?

  1. Kirsten says:

    Intereting idea – I’d be interested to hear what others think. I think many of the women could very well identify strongly with the stories. Want to check in with Karra to get her take on it?

    Also made me think of the film What I want my Words to do to You (another possible screening idea):

  2. allisonsivak says:

    Okay! I’ve emailed Karra & asked what she thinks. Will keep you posted!

  3. Moyra Lang says:

    I just read this. I would of loved to be involved. Yes it was my partner (Lane) who wrote a piece for the exhibit.
    What is happening with this? Maybe I still could help out in some way?


  4. allisonsivak says:

    Hey Moyra — that would be excellent. Here’s the scoop:

    – Karra’s said we can do the screening anytime — just give her a date / time. She did ask me this week if it’s still on, so I feel a little push to get it going in next couple of weeks.
    – I have the video from Peter Kingstone, & still need to watch it. I could drop it by your SLIS box this week for you to watch (it’s a selection of excerpts from interviews for the piece)
    – my only thoughts were to screen it, and then ask, “So, what did you think?” and let the women start talking. I hadn’t thought about doing any kind of limitation as to numbers, or even having set questions at the end, but letting them go with it. If you have different ideas that would be just fine. (like, if you want discussion, or suggest that women write about the video, or multiple screenings, etc.)

    Let me know how you want to go forward from here. Thanks!

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