Restorative Justice Week 2008

header-eng1Restorative Justice Week 2008 will be celebrated November 16-23 with the theme:“Fostering a Restorative Worldview”

From the Corrections Canada website: “Restorative justice is about giving all parties involved in a conflict the opportunity to take an active role in a safe and respectful process that allows open dialogue between the victim, offender and the community. For offenders, it is about taking responsibility and being held accountable for the harm caused. For victims, it provides an opportunity to talk about the harm caused and ask questions that may be necessary as a part of the healing process. For communities surrounding the victim and offender, it provides an understanding of the root causes of the conflict.”

Every year, the Edmonton Insitution for Women hosts a day-long event and we have all been invited to participate. The event will be held on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2008 from 09:00 am to 3:00 pm with Keynote Speaker: Annette Stanwick
Please RSVP By November 14th, 2008 to: Amanda Coley at 780-495-8971 E-mail –


One thought on “Restorative Justice Week 2008

  1. Kirsten says:

    Tanya and I will both be attending this event next week.

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