November 26/08 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Moyra for taking minutes last night and getting them so quickly typed up and available! And thanks too to Karra for coming out and sharing her knowledge with us. It was great to see so many from FLIF and SLIS at the meeting – thank you Masha for arranging a really perfect meeting room.

If you are unable to read the attached minutes – let me know and I can send them to you via email. Please make note of the action items identified from the meeting.


Also: Eight of us can commit to once a month as of now. We need to communicate to set up times when we are going to the prison so that people without cars can try and coordinate with people who have cars.

If you are ready to start a project (i.e. bookclub, one-on-one literacy, library visit etc) – go ahead and contact Karra ( ) and start the project. Please let the rest of the committee know (via blog) so that others might help out or catch a ride.

One more thing: Liz Fulton Lyne just completed her Anatomy of a Setup training this week – so that’s one more person fully trained! Excellent!


Anatomy of a Setup Training

This message from Tanya:

Some of us went to the first part of volunteer training last night, and Audrey (the Social Program Officer at the prison) mentioned that they will be holding the Anatomy of a Setup Training next Tuesday the 25th  from 5 – 9 pm.

If you are interested in attending, Audrey said you could email or call her.  She’s very busy, so make sure you get a confirmation from her so she is sure that you are attending.  Her contact info is:

Audrey Hatto, Social Program Officer
Edmonton Institution For Women
11151 178th Street, Edmonton, AB T5S 2H9
Telephone:  780 442 1924
Fax: 780 495 2266

Restorative Justice Week 2008

header-eng1Restorative Justice Week 2008 will be celebrated November 16-23 with the theme:“Fostering a Restorative Worldview”

From the Corrections Canada website: “Restorative justice is about giving all parties involved in a conflict the opportunity to take an active role in a safe and respectful process that allows open dialogue between the victim, offender and the community. For offenders, it is about taking responsibility and being held accountable for the harm caused. For victims, it provides an opportunity to talk about the harm caused and ask questions that may be necessary as a part of the healing process. For communities surrounding the victim and offender, it provides an understanding of the root causes of the conflict.”

Every year, the Edmonton Insitution for Women hosts a day-long event and we have all been invited to participate. The event will be held on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2008 from 09:00 am to 3:00 pm with Keynote Speaker: Annette Stanwick
Please RSVP By November 14th, 2008 to: Amanda Coley at 780-495-8971 E-mail –

Next Committee Meeting Date (please mark your calendars)

Wednesday, November 26 at 5:30 p.m. @ Henderson Hall, School of Library & Information Studies (U of A)

The door to Henderson Hall will be propped open for those coming in from Rutherford Library entrance. For those who are unfamiliar with the building, that’s the Rutherford South Atrium entrance.

If you run into problems with finding Henderson, please call Masha on her cell (780-920-4321) and she can walk you through it.

As far as parking goes, the meters along the perimeter of campus cost $2.50 per hour. The surface lot rates drop to $3.75 after 4:30pm.

See you all then! (Those who are unable to come – we will be (I hope!) creating some sub-sub-committees who will be taking on responsiblities for various projects like: bookclub, literacy, policy etc. You can still sign up with those committees and get involved! All info will be shared on this blog.)