Setting a date for our next committee meeting

Now that the prison library is “under control” (Karra’s words) thanks to the weeding and cleanup work party earlier this month- it would be great to meet again and discuss our next steps/projects.

Agenda items could include:

  • Set up regular visits with Megan (inmate librarian) / advisory committee made up of women?
  • Collection / cataloguing policies
  • Book club
  • Recording stories for women and their children
  • FLIF partnership

What date works best for people? Here are some suggestions:

Monday November 10 or 24 (after work – 5 pm?)
Wednesday November 12 or 26 (after work – 5 pm?)
Thursday November 20 (after work – 5 pm?)

I think it was agreed last time that a meeting held on the *other* side of the river would be great. Masha indicated that SLIS could host us at the University in the carrel room or Henderson Hall. Does that location work for people?

I realize it’s difficult to get everyone (with their busy schedules) to agree on one day but I guess we’ll go with the majority rules. Please let everyone know what works for you in the comments.

Thanks everyone!



5 thoughts on “Setting a date for our next committee meeting

  1. Shalena Brown says:

    Thursday November 20
    Monday November 24
    I get off at 5pm so can be there by 6pm

    I work nights 1-9 the rest of the days offered.

  2. Alison Henry says:

    Mondays and Wednesdays are best for me.

  3. jocelynb says:

    The 26th works best for me. The 10th is the only one I absolutely can’t make it to.

    However I have a long trip into the city from work–so I can almost never be at a 5 oclock meeting. 6pm or even 6:30 is better.

    But: I also don’t need to be at meetings–I know it’s impossible to find something that works for everyone. I’m happy to get updates via email/blog/whatever.


  4. tara ellen says:

    wednesdays and thursdays are best for me.

  5. Liz Dennett says:

    I just can’t make the 12th – all others would be okay

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