Setting a date for our next committee meeting

Now that the prison library is “under control” (Karra’s words) thanks to the weeding and cleanup work party earlier this month- it would be great to meet again and discuss our next steps/projects.

Agenda items could include:

  • Set up regular visits with Megan (inmate librarian) / advisory committee made up of women?
  • Collection / cataloguing policies
  • Book club
  • Recording stories for women and their children
  • FLIF partnership

What date works best for people? Here are some suggestions:

Monday November 10 or 24 (after work – 5 pm?)
Wednesday November 12 or 26 (after work – 5 pm?)
Thursday November 20 (after work – 5 pm?)

I think it was agreed last time that a meeting held on the *other* side of the river would be great. Masha indicated that SLIS could host us at the University in the carrel room or Henderson Hall. Does that location work for people?

I realize it’s difficult to get everyone (with their busy schedules) to agree on one day but I guess we’ll go with the majority rules. Please let everyone know what works for you in the comments.

Thanks everyone!



Saturday Weed

A number of people on the committee will be going to the prison at 9am on Saturday Oct 4th to do some weeding in the library. Due mainly to the success of the book drive, the library is currently overflowing. Hopefully, we will also get a better sense of what new projects we can do to improve the library and library services. Thanks to everyone who is going to help out on Saturday.